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New POS product import feature making migrations easy

We have added a product import feature to our Point of Sale system to make adding new products or migrating from an different POS as simple as possible.

Our POS product import makes it easy to add or update new products, attributes, and vendors to the GSale system using a basic CSV formatted spreadsheet. Supported fields include:

  • Product Name
  • Internal Model Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Taxable Status
  • Availability for re-order
  • Attribute name
  • Price
  • Cost
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer Model Number
  • Weight
  • On Hand Inventory for all configured locations

New on the docket will be exporting features. These will allow for easy importing of transaction and expense data into your existing accounting software such as Quickbooks.


One feature we know will be needed soon is the ability to import and export data from the system.

For importing we will allow you to upload a CSV file to the server of products and have them added to the store.

Exporting will be related to reports so that any report you can generate with the system can be exported as a CSV file.

Discount Groups

Unlike a coupon, a product discount area would allow you to specify that an item is on sale, such as a 50% off rack, and have that information come into a new sale automatically. This system is envisioned to work by first creating a discount group that specifies a dollar or percentage off discount. SKUs would then be added to the discount group and their price would be affected accordingly at checkout time.

Coupons will also include the option of applying to or not applying to items that are in a discount group.

Time Clock System

This feature will allow you to create employees in your store and allow them to clock in and out to keep track of their work hours. It will include reporting features to allow you see your employee’s time over any date range and see the number and dollar volume of sales taken while that employee is on the clock.

API and WordPress Plugin

This is likely to be the best feature we can add to get companies up and running with a web store. It was something we were hoping to get in place before launching but just ran out of time.

This upgrade will allow program access to your store using an API. Programs will be able to retrieve your product lists and pricing and will be able to post new orders to your store. This means fairly little to your average user so to go the next step we are going to create a wordpress plugin as well. With this you will be able to feed your products into a wordpress site, take orders and have them show up in your POS automatically.

There are a number of pieces that need to fall into place to make this a feature and we will most likely be launching a KickStarter campaign to help fund the development costs.

More to come, we will update this post when we have details for you.