The GSale Solutions Story

GSale Solutions POS systemThe GSale POS system was initially developed on spec by a retail store manager with over 15 year of experience managing retail outlets. Unsatisfied with the cost or limitations of the existing systems available on the market, he enlisted the help of Gliffen Designs to build a custom POS system to do everything he needed and optimize that process to avoid any wasted time. GSale was born.

Since it was first started in 2009 the GSale POS system has had countless hours put into adding and tweaking features. During early development additional stores were brought onto the system, attracted by the cost and features it could provide. After hitting a critical level of users, Gliffen Designs’ owner, AJ Best, opted to move the POS 0system into a SaaS (Software as a Service) application to ease the difficulties in updating many separate systems.

This brings us to the present version of GSale, 3.0. Bringing the program into a multi-store multi-user system required a complete re-development of the core of GSale. The POS system is now on it’s third generation but still includes all of the features and optimizations that were so specifically designed from the beginning. With the third generation, specific attention was paid to security in order to assure no cross store issues could arise. Further attention was paid to scalability to ensure that the supporting servers could easily be expanded to account for as many stores as needed.

We are happy to present GSale to you. It has been a passion of ours to develop and we hope it can help your business succeed in this rapidly changing retail environment.